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Financial Markets in State of Change

03 Dec Financial Markets in State of Change

Financial Markets in a State of Change

The global financial and debt crisis and the related political decisions have led to fundamental changes on the markets. Financial companies must meet stricter legal and regulatory requirements at the national and EU level. Owing to declining profit margins and generally keener market and competitive conditions, the banking and insurance industries are under intense pressure to implement changes and reduce costs.

Future-proof Services and Sales Strategies
Customers are becoming more and more demanding in what they expect from products and services. Moreover, new technological developments make the adaptation of processes, systems, and organizations unavoidable. The digitalization of the world of finance continues its inexorable march forward. The entry of new competitors and the appearance of disruptive business models are major challenges for banks and insurance companies. Financial companies must make use of future-proof services, outstanding customer service, and innovative distribution channels as a way to differentiate themselves on the market.

Pathways to Success: Digital Transformation and Increased Efficiency
We take care of our clients from the banking and insurance industries by offering them comprehensive consulting services, based on a partnership approach and with an eye on practical implementation, especially at the interface between the business units and IT. Our services in this area range from strategic consulting to the re-engineering of business processes – in the sales and customer services departments in particular – and encompass all of the issues related to IT management.

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