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The Future of the Telecommunications Industry

Rapid growth in new services and data traffic, heightened levels of networking and digitization in all industries / areas of people’s lives, coupled with bitter price wars in a desperate effort to retain subscribers – telecommunications companies operating in already saturated markets face harrowing challenges. Modern network concepts, integrated expansion of network capacities, focused innovation, accelerated partnering activities, extension of wholesale business, differentiated development of markets, agile processes and information technology can ensure the profitability of carriers.


Fixed Line Operators

The price wars for fixed line telephony are raging. More and more customers reach for their cell phones or access the Internet to make their phone calls. At the same time, IP-based broadband networks, Next Generation Networks, are opening up completely new channels for communication: they transmit voice, data, and video signals in any combination via a single network. Network operators see themselves confronted with a multitude of critical decisions: Which access technology will win the day? Will the trade with transmission capacities be profitable in the long run? Is there enough contact with the customer? How will the business models of the future look?


We offer integrated management and technology consulting to global and local network operators. We provide support in the analysis, conception, selection, implementation and operation of all types of communication platforms. This service includes the assessment of market trends, usage scenarios for end user devices and systems for network management, operation support and billing. At the same time, we develop pioneering business models and implement lean organizational structures.


Wireless & Mobile Operators

The boom in mobile networks continues around the globe. The increased mobility of users in the industrialized countries, but above all the rapid developments in threshold countries such as India, Pakistan or China are constantly giving rise to new incentives for investments. Convergent services in which end devices automatically access fixed line or mobile networks, or the Internet via WLAN, depending on the user’s location, promise high potential. Moreover, the integration of information and entertainment offers, which make news, video clips, ringing tones and games for downloading available to those on the go, plays an important role.

Whether customers – and if so, which ones – are prepared to spend money – and how much – for what services is the decisive question on the mobile network market. Our experts can help in deciding these critical questions. We can support the clients in the installation and integration of convergent fixed/mobile architectures, IP mobility solutions, mobile network standards and roaming technologies thus, offering our clients a precise fit in services along the entire length of the value chain.

Regulatory Authorities

In the coming years, regulatory authorities around the globe will continue to play an important role in the world of telecommunications. Wherever non-renewable resources must be distributed, external effects or natural monopolies or oligopolies exist, competition cannot develop freely and, therefore, regulatory methods must intervene. In addition, regulators in many countries actively support the transformation to an information society. It can be assumed that international organizations such as the EU, WTO, and the World Bank will promote these developments to an ever greater degree so that international “best practice” regulatory approaches can be realized more quickly.


We can assist the regulatory authorities locally or around the world as they set up regulatory procedures in accordance with international standards from the WTO, ITU or EU, amongst others. Our experts can help draw up sector reforms, privatization projects, legal frameworks, provide support for the organization of regulatory authorities, develop regulatory instruments such as procedures for granting licenses, price regulation, interconnection, universal service funds, data protection and un-bundled network access, etc.