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The convergence of fixed and mobile networks as well as the merging of IT and network technologies are important pillars for a future-proof strategy of network expansion. Simplified network architecture, networks with higher capacity, the secure quality of the data, and the combination of products from fixed and mobile network sectors create the most important prerequisites for satisfying customers.


Costs for planning, construction, and operation of the required communications infrastructure must be aligned with limited revenues. Planning oriented to potential encompasses both the technological viewpoint and the marketing perspective and reveals information about what technology should be used in what areas.

Moreover, the selection of the right network architecture is decisive today if conflicting goals such as cost reduction, quality, and flexibility are to be balanced against one another. Network operators must choose from a broad range of principles and trends such as software-defined networks (SDN), virtualization of network functions, multi-layer networks, and others and blend their selections into a flexible end-to-end architecture.