Fortitude Pvt. Limited | CRM, Sales & Service
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CRM, Sales & Service

Knowing what customers really want

Long-lasting and profitable relationships with customers are the key to market success. Our consulting portfolio ranges from the definition of CRM strategy to the design of tailored CRM applications to process design. As we do our work, we consider topics centered on customers and interactions such as customer service, sales and campaign management, the management of customer ties and loyalty, the crossover design of distribution and service channels, and the design of a customer experience which is consistent across all of the points of contact.


Customer Experience Management

Although loud proclamations of customer satisfaction as a cherished goal are heard everywhere today, many customers still experience poor service. Companies seem to drag their feet in handling complaints (sometimes seemingly ignoring them completely), and customers have to explain their issues right from the beginning over and over again. A major negative experience of this nature can quickly turn into a so-called “moment of truth”, a crystallization point which decisively influences customer loyalty. But if employees and companies respond appropriately to the situation and exceed their customers’ expectations, even a trigger incident which is initially negative can be transformed into a positive customer experience.

Social Media & Customer Self-Service

Whether we like it or not – markets have become a topic of conversation. Customers surfing the internet are increasingly better informed and more selective. Generation Y utilizes the highly flexible interactive and mobile communications technologies without a second thought and demands individual and high-quality customer care. At the same time, however, customers’ sensitivity to prices is on the rise, putting even more pressure on companies facing intense competition to improve efficiency and cut costs.


The most important success criteria for the offer of these services are customer orientation, multi-channel perspective, and a strategic, value-oriented approach to contact management. From customers’ viewpoint, self-services must be simple, clear, and secure in the sense that they guarantee data protection. Two trends are significant in this respect. One is that customer service of the future will display an extensive degree of automation owing to the heightened integration of self-services. The second is that social media make it possible to collaborate with customers and to work together with them in shaping the service process.