Fortitude Pvt. Limited | Travel, Transport & Logistics
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Travel, Transport & Logistics

Mobility as a Key Factor

A modern evolving world: customers book their plane and train tickets at the PC or on their smart handheld devices, innovative car-sharing and rental car services are on the move, transport and logistics providers are a part of global networks. Customers, markets, and companies are all shaped by digital developments and are all in a constant state of flux. Mobility ensures the freedom of the individual, drives economic development forward and makes growth possible.


Dealing with Climate Change, Energy Turnaround & Globalization

The exchange of raw materials, goods and services is characterized by its fast dynamic pace. As the global network of the world economy becomes more tightly meshed together, the travel, transport, and logistics industry is confronted with challenges, but has great opportunities as well. How can CO2 emissions be reduced? How can production and transport processes be designed for greater efficiency?

What solutions are affordable, environmentally compatible and potentially more customer-friendly? The global climate change, carbon emissions, clean energy production and consumption challenges, economic and financial uncertainties must be overcome.

Shaping the Future over the Long Term with ICT

Today, innovative concepts and new emerging business models point the way out of the dilemma. Drawing on our knowledge and comprehensive experience from numerous transformation projects, we realize intelligent solutions for our clients in the travel, transport, and logistics sector. Sustainability, efficient use of resources and profitability are prioritized across the entire length of the value chain and digital technologies.