Fortitude Pvt. Limited | Business Process Management
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Business Process Management

Digitalize Business Processes

Innovation, Flexibility & Brand Management as a Saving Anchor

Efficient and flexibly adaptable business processes are the dream of every manager. Many believe that it will always remain a dream. Yet the digitalization of business processes continues its inexorable march forward. Companies which are unable to adapt their business processes quickly to changing market demands will soon find themselves on the sidelines. The demand for new products and services is relentless.


Subject-oriented BPM for dynamically designed business processes

Business processes are both a curse and a blessing for companies. If a company has its processes fully under control, it will turn in a brilliant performance. But an enterprise which has to start thinking about extensive, high-cost IT projects whenever process adaptations become necessary is in constant jeopardy of falling far behind the front runners. Subject-oriented business process management gives process users the opportunity to design their processes themselves and adapt them to actual requirements at any time. The focus is on the individual actors and their process-related communication relationships.

Digitalizing business processes

Detecon offers noticeable agility through the digitalization of business processes based on the subject-oriented business process management. Our services range from quickly accessible standard tools to the implementation of business process management. We combine the strengths of the two approaches of classic and subject-oriented business process management. You can generate process solutions for practical use in your operations within a short time and later expand them step by step. Every one of these steps fills in one of the white areas in your business process landscape.


Anchoring organizational structures

Groundbreaking technology strategies ultimately require an adequate form of organizational structures: based on benchmarks, Detecon strategically re-orients the complete ICT organization if need be. Our specialists design tailored processes and KPI systems, even for complex technology service portfolios, which anchor the selected strategy firmly in the structural and procedural organization. In addition, they draw up guidelines for the use of technologies and conduct comprehensive analyses for strategic sourcing.